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Real German Potato Salad
from Friederike Munz, Freiburg Germany

1.5 lbs small yukon gold or other firm, waxy potatoes
1 medium onion, very finely diced
1 c. beef broth or 1 cube boullion with 1 c. water
3 Tbsp vegetable oil
4 Tbsp cider vinegar
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
1 Tbsp fresh chopped parsley and chives
fresh ground pepper

Boil potatoes skin on until soft but still holding together. Strain and let cool just enough to touch. Pull off skin with paring knife. Slice potatoes into 1/4" rounds and put in mixing bowl. Bring beef broth to a boil and add onions. Pour over potatoes and let sit for 10 minutes. Remove any remaining broth with spoon. Mix oil, vinegar, mustard, and herbs into a dressing. Toss with potatoes and let sit, lightly covered, for 1-2 hours on counter before serving. Add salt and pepper to taste.