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Vietnamese Papaya Salad

You can buy green (unripe) papaya already shredded at Asian markets.

Or you can find a whole green papaya, and use this cool peeler, which I also got at the Asian market, to shred it yourself. If you do, soak papaya peelings in water to rinse off any milky juice before soaking in saltwater with the carrots.

Soak carrot and papaya in salt water (about 1 Tbsp/gallon) to begin to soften.

To make a flower out of a carrot, you slice the bottom of a room temperature, thick carrot into a cone shape, then use a sharp paring knife to make a thin shaving (two times around the carrot). You roll the shaving into a flower shape.

After you strain the carrots and papaya, you squeeze them to get more of the water out - almost a cup!

Heaven point peppers grow on the plant pointing up. They're super hot.

Once you mix in the peppers, sugar, salt and lemon juice, the papaya and carrots let out juice. Drain again before mixing in the peanuts.

It tastes as good as it looks

all photos: c Dave Holman