See How To Do It - Eritrean Spicy Chicken

Start with onions.

She added a little water just to keep them from burning.

She's adding ghee, butter that she's already simmered with turmeric (for color) and fenugreek(for aroma).

Next is the secret spice to this dish: berbere. It's a combination of a lot of little amounts of spices like allspice, ginger, and black pepper, but it's mostly toasted and ground dried super hotchilis, salt and fenugreek.

Here she goes, adding the magic...

While the berbere spices are cooking, she peels the skins of the drumsticks,
and blends tomatoes.

Isn't this sauce darker than you'd expect? She's just added tomato sauce and blended tomatoes, and is letting it cook..

Final step: add chicken and cook covered until done.

Serve injera on a plate with chicken swamped in sauce piled on top. No need for a fork. Use pieces of injera as scoops. She serves this with basic fresh salad.

"Not fast food, our food," said Asmeret Teklu, laughing a little.