See How to Do It

Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls

The concept is simple: make the filling, roll, and deep fry...

shredded carrots, plus par-cooked rice noodles

plus half an onion, small dice

plus ground pork

plus two eggs, reserving one in a small dish for your "glue"

mix with your hands.
Peel some of these papers from the mass in the package,
and lay them out on a plate so you can get at them more easily

Then roll your first roll! Make a log shaped mound of filling toward the bottom corner.

Fold that corner over, covering the mound, and roll.

Fold the sides in neatly like this

Roll through to the end, and put a dab of egg yolk on the corner so it sticks closed.

Do all your rolling, and then fry.

She used chopsticks to put the rolls in and out of the oil. I suggest tongs for folks for whom chopsticks are a second utensil.

Thank you, dear Suu and Thu for this wondeful lesson!

copyright Lindsay Sterling 2010
photos: Lindsay Sterling