See How To Do It

Japanese Miso and Oyakodon

These (below) are called bonito flakes - they flavor the miso broth and also the chicken and egg dish. They taste like canned smoked oysters to me.

She's straining the bonito flakes out of the miso broth.

Tofu for the miso

The wakame starts of black and then blooms into green life. It's really cool to watch.

Here's the chicken both for the oyakodon - she cleans the little pockets of white foam off with a ladle.

Below is what the sake looks like. She coated the chicken in this before adding it to pot with the onions. Mirin, which you use to make a sauce that further flavors the chicken dish (next), looks almost the same, just a touch thicker consistency and more yellow.

Here's the sauce with which she flavors the chicken broth - made of briefly cooked soy, mirin, and bonito flakes.

I love that she tasted out of a cool little bowl...

Red miso (fermented bean paste):

Here she is doing her cool trick of whisking the miso into the soup inside a ladel to make sure it all gets mixed in.

Here is another cool trick - called tamagotoji - slowly adding egg which will firm the whole dish up.

My new favorite condiment:

A picture of oyakodon, rice bowl with chicken and egg:

The wonderful Chieko Miyake:

Thank you oodles to Tiffany Converse Photography