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Bolivian Peanut Soup
Sopa de mani

While the meat is cooking in the salted water, cut your veggies...

Put the veggies in the soup.

Skim off foam and fat as they rise to the top of the broth.

This is the incredible quilquina plant. It's as strong as cilantro, only different.

Make an herb bundle of parsley, cilantro, and quilquina if you have it, and slice across it over a bowl.

These are the raw peanuts. Okay, they aren't WHITE, but they're almost white. Cream colored. They turn super white in the blender with water.

raw peanuts + water look like a milk shake! But don't drink... it must be cooked!

Add mashed garlic and spices to the peanut soup broth

The butcher cuts in Bolivia are 1 inch segments. Here they're honkin' big, so we took the meat off the bone, discarded the bone and returned the meat in bite size pieces into the soup.

She rubbed the oregano between the palms of her hand over the pot, releasing herb mojo. Awesome.

Raw potato, cut up for frying.

Frying the potatoes next to the soup pot

The lovely grounds of the Sweetser Apple Barrel and Orchard, where Rommy is the farm manager... and resident Bolivian cooking guru.

And finally, the one and only, sopa de mani.

Photos by Lindsay Sterling and Yulia Converse.