See How To Do It

Azerbaijani Halva

She used this glass cup as a measuring cup so I have to guess: I think it was about 1 1/2 cups water with 3 cups sugar.

She mixed enough flour into the butter until the texture looked right. She didn't measure the amount.

This is the initial texture you're looking for, which you cook on low for a long time.

I took a turn stirring and mashing the dough.

Look how the texture changes over time - what was once essentially a solid is now more of a liquid - a very thick liquid, a paste.

Add a pinch salt and a half teaspoon turmeric, and keep stirring. This helps the color turn to appetizing caramel in addition to the long, slow cooking of the butter/flour.

Now Afet and her friend pour the sugar water into the flour and butter mixture stirring at the same time.

It thickens into this deliciousness: halva!

Nice touch how they decorate the tops of the halva with a tip of a spoon.

Photos: Matt Boutet