The Recipe

South Sudanese Lamb and Collards

As Nyatiem Lual, of the Nuer Tribe of South Sudan, taught Lindsay Sterling in South Portland, ME, March 2012

Serves 10-12
Cooking Time 2 hours

1 1/2 bunches collard greens, chopped finely
2 packages frozen chopped spinach or 5 bunches fresh, chopped finely
3 onions, medium dice
2 pounds bite-sized meat: goat, lamb, or beef
(bones-in make for better flavor, but hands-on eating)
1 cup vegetable oil
1/2 tsp berbere spice
4 chicken bouillon cubes or Better than Bouillon - chicken
salt (to taste, I didn't need any with all that bouillon)
1 Tbsp cumin (optional)
couple shakes Dash (optional)
4 cups rice or
6 cups Israeli couscous

1) Trim meat into 1-inch sized pieces. Remove excess fat.

2) Saute onions in 1 cup oil. Add berbere seasoning, bouillon cubes, and cumin or dash as you wish.

3) When onions are soft, add meat.

4) Chop collards (and fresh spinach if you're using it) or pulse in Cuisinart, being careful not to chop too finely into a powder or mush. You want to still see that they're chopped up leaves. Thaw spinach if you're using frozen.

5) Once meat is browned, add enough water to almost cover the meat. Put lid on and cook on high.

6) Cook couscous or rice in a separate pot, as you wish, according to your favorite method or package instructions.

7) When meat has begun to soften to taste, add collards and spinach to the meat and cook for about thirty minutes more, until the bright green has become muted and the greens are nice and soft. If the bottom threatens to burn while they cook, you can always add a little water to loosen and stir, but not too much water: we don't want soup.

8) Mix together couscous or rice with the lamb and collards. Serve in bowls with spoons.

Copyright Lindsay Sterling 2012