See How To Do It - Ratatouille

The lovely ingredients, all from Brunswick Farmer's Market, except the herbes de Provence and the olives, from Mircucci's in Portland.

Herbes de Provence - a mixture of dried rosemary, thyme, marjoram, sometimes fennel and lavender.

This is Caroline Tricaud's method. She's 16 and made my family this delicious dinner, one her mother cooks in France all the time. 

She sauteed the vegetables in one pot, starting with the ones that took longer to cook and finishing with the tomatoes.

The sweet potato, her mom's secret ingredient, was a brilliant add in here.

Next is Stephanie Looten-Caceres's method which she learned from her Grandmother in Provence. You saute each main ingredient with onions, garlic, herbes de provence and olives, and then join all the cooked vegetables together all in a big pot.

The veggies simmer in a big pot on the lowest setting for 45 minutes so the flavors mingle.

Stephanie Looten-Caceres, with her family's specialty.

Photos: Lindsay Sterling