See How to Do It

Thank you Danielle Peterson Photography for these wonderful photos. 

She put the ingredients we would need for the marinade out so I could see them: plain yogurt (left), garam masala, coriander powder (front, center) tandoori masala powder (the orange one on the left in back), ginger-garlic paste (yellow, back-middle), oil, lemon juice, turmeric, salt,  chili powder (red, center). These were not the amounts used.

Glamourous shot of the chili powder, center. To the upper left of the chili powder is her Sudha's own homemade ginger-garlic paste (a blending ginger, garlic, turmeric and a little salt) that she made with  her fabulous Mixi Indian blender.  I've never seen them here. When I start my blender import business I'll let you know. :) You can buy the ginger-garlic paste in a jar when you go to the Indian market. I'll try making it in my regular blender and Cuisinart and get back to you.

Mixing the marinade

Massage the marinade into the skin-less chicken with your hands. They insist there is no other way.

Cook in the oven. Nice trick lining the pans with tinfoil and spraying with cooking oil for no-stick and easy clean-up.

When they're done, cut up squares of tinfoil to wrap around the drumstick ends.

Making fruit salad soup with mango pulp and milk - delicious!

Serve with lime wedges and raw onion rounds. You will like raw onion with tandoori chicken!

To be taught tandoori chicken is such a gift. Thank you Venu and Sudha!