The Recipe - Nigerian Egusi Soup and Foufou

As Oscar Mokeme, from Oba, Nigeria, taught Lindsay Sterling in Bath, ME, December 2012

Serves 8
Cooking time 1-2 hours

2 pounds meat (lamb, chicken, beef, beef, goat, or fish)
6 cups water
2 cup ground egusi seeds
4 tsp palm oil
2 large chopped red onion
2 bunch kale, chopped
1/2 lb. organic brown rice flower (Arrowhead Mills)

Cook meat in water until tender and to make a broth. Remove meat and reserve. To broth add ground egusi seeds, palm oil, onion, and kale. Once kale and onion is cooked, and once egusi seeds thicken to a cottage cheese like substance, add meat back to the pot and stir. Serve with foufou.

To make the foufou, fill a a medium pot 2/3 full with water. With wooden spoon stir in enough brown rice flower so that it thickens into mashed potato texture. Keep stirring to remove all the lumps. Transfer to serving plate.