See How To Do It - Sausage Rolls

Mix ground pork, egg, scallion, and breadcrumbs soaked in milk.

For the dough, it's just whole wheat flour, butter, salt and a litte water.

She mixed the flour and butter for a while with her hands so she had a course meal. Then she added just enough water to make this:

 She barely mixed it at all and poured it onto a floured counter.

With just a couple motions of her hands, she turned the unruly mass into a disc.

 Then with lots of flour on top (she used white flour for dusting the counter and top of the dough) and bottom, she patted the dough out quickly to about the length of the rolling pin.

She rolled it out to about 1/4 inch thick, maybe slightly less.

She cut off the edges and cut the dough down the middle so she had two rectangles, and brushed water along the left edge of each to encourage the rolls to stick together.

Add the filling.

Fold over one flap and paint the top with water.

Fold over the second flap and press onto the wet first flap so they stick. Do this to each so you have two complete rolls. Then slice across each roll so you have bite sized pieces and place on a greased sheet pan.

 Brush the tops with scrambled egg mixed with a little milk.

 And bake at 350 until meat is cooked and tops are golden.

Photos: Lindsay Sterling