See How To Do It

Josephine's Sunday Dinner

Beef Roast, Steamed Veg, Yorkshire pudding, Gravy, Leeks in Cheese Sauce

Roasted veggies that get blended up to thicken the gravy.

Then whisk in beef broth and let simmer together for a half hour so flavors meld. I missed the photo of the final gravy. Roast beef. Make potatoes. (Also missing these photos)

As for the puddings. You blend ROOM TEMPERATURE eggs, flour and milk until the batter is all bubbly on top. While you are making the batter your muffin tins are preheating in the oven, each hole with a teaspoon of oil in it.

Then you pour the batter into the hot oil. It sizzles so you know this is going to work!

Then you heat them in the oven. They'll rise over the pan in there.

Also make steamed cabbage and green beans.

Here are mashed potoatoes. She prefers roasted (the recipe's in the recipe section) but she ran out of time to do it right so she whipped these up.

Here they are! Yorkshire puddings. Or popovers as we call them.

Saute sliced leeks,

Make cheese sauce.
Melt butter, add flour, cook a couple minutes, stirring, then add milk. Once hot, it'll thicken. Stir so nice and smooth.

Then add sharp cheddar.

Just pour the cheese sauce into the leeks and stir up. This is delicious.

Yorkshire's like their roast beef sliced THINLY please.

Photos: Lindsay Sterling - use by permission only. Thanks.