See How To Do It

Soak your dried garbanzos over night.  While they're cooking the next day, trim your chard like this, trimming the stringy fibers on the outside of the stems:

Then when the beans are almost cooked (still a little hard), add the chard pieces to the pot.

Get out your Spanish sweet paprika - pimenton dulce. Any sweet paprika (Hungarian, for example) could be used, but this stuff is the best!

Fry garlic slivers, then bread, in olive oil, and then mash the fried garlic and bread with paprika and cumin in a mortar and pestle, adding a little water to turn it into a paste (a blender or food processor would work too).

When the beans are almost cooked, strain the beans and chard. Add new water even with the food in the pot, and stir in the red paste and a bouillon cube. Keep cooking until the skin cracks on the garbanzos. Add salt to taste. Enjoy -- with great bread for dipping!