The Recipe

Russian Herring in a Fur Coat
As Yulia Converse and Alla Zagoruyko, from Tver, Russia, taught Lindsay Sterling, in Yarmouth, ME, February 2010
Appetizer, 8 servings
Cooking time: 1 hr
2 eggs
4 potatoes
3 beets
½ yellow onion
8 oz herring in just salt and oil
3 Tbsp mayo 2 pickles or 1 fresh cucumber
Hardboil eggs. Boil potatoes and beets in separate pots until a fork goes easily into them. Discard water and let cool in separate dishes. Peel eggs.
Once potatoes and beets are cool enough to touch, peel skin off with a knife. Cut potatoes in 1/2 inch dice, grate beets on large holes of a box grater, and medium dice onion, putting each in a seperate small mixing bowl. Mix a Tablespoon of mayo into each. Cut herring fillets lengthwise and across into ½ thick segments.
On a small serving platter, make an even layer with the potatoes, keeping 1” along the edge of the dish open for decorating with cucumber slices at the end. Cover the potato layer with the herring. Cover the herring with the onion. Cover the onion and the sides of the salad with the beets. Chop the egg into yellow and white crumbles and sprinkle over the top. Slice cucumber or pickle halves (1/4” thick) and place around the edge like petals of a flower.
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