See How To Do It

Russian Herring in a Fur Coat

This is what a whole pickled herring looks like, the kind that real Russians use.

This is the easier version - already deboned, in oil and salt. Still authentic. (This is what Alla and Yulia used):

Yum.... (You just wait!) You can get all this authentic stuff at www.medeoeuropean.com in Westbrook, ME. I'll dare to ship the kind in the package to my dear hardy fans if you can't find this stuff (email me at lindsay@lindsaysterling.com and we'll work it out)

This is another brand they like:

Okay, boil beets and potatoes and peel.

Grate the beets

Cut the potatoes

Mix in a little mayo

cut some onion

They're laughing because the onions aren't making them cry for some reason. We all joke that American onions must be weak...

Cut the herring filets down the middle lengthwise and then across

That's potatoes mixed with mayo you're lookin' at, with a layer of herring and then a layer of onion w/mayo over the top:

Now cover with this gorgeous beet stuff!

Sprinkle with chopped hardboiled egg

Decorate edges with pickles or fresh cuke slices

Defy Expectation. It's fun.